Short Bio

Ahmad Shahwan is a research and development engineer at Cohorte Technologies, a leading start-up in the domain of component-based computing and service-oriented software engineering.

He worked in the capacity of a researcher and teaching assistant at Grenoble INP, conducting his research at G-SCOP Laboratory in the frame of the ANR-funded ROMMA project. The work was done in collaboration with Airbus Group and LJK Laboratory, among other industrial and academic partners.

While still actively involved in projects led by Cohorte Technologies, Ahmad has initiated a personal project; He is now working on the full-stack development of the web site alongside his research and development activities.

Academic Profile

2014 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Université de Grenoble.
2010 Master of Science in Graphics Vision, and Robotics
Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.
2009 Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems
Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Damascus.
2005 Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
Damascus University, Damascus.

Professional Career

Aug 2015, Present Research and Development Engineer, Cohorte Technologies.
Development of the company's major arteface, Cohorte Runtime, as well as taking into responsiblities diffrent other projects in collabortaion with Agilium, such as Agilium GED-Engine.
Sep 2013, Aug 2014 Full-time lecturer, Génie Industriel, Grenoble INP.
Teaching included lectures and course materials preparation, tutoring and evaluation, besides regular research responsibilities.
Oct 2010, Aug 2013 PhD Candidate, G-SCOP Laboratory, Grenoble INP.
This work took place in participation to a collaborative national effort in the frame of ROMMA project.
The project as such aimed to automate the process of preparation of the digital mock-up; that is the geometric representation of a product, in order to meet simulation process requirements. In the context of my research, a method to automatically identify components functional properties, and to restructure their geometry according to this functional knowledge, was proposed and implemented. This implementation provided semantic annotations that are necessary for the finite-element-analysis preparation phase. The method validity was against real-life data provided by industrial partner.
Jul 2008, Sep 2009 Customer Application Analyst, ITS, Damascus, Syria.
As ITS' envoy to Real-Estate Bank of Syria, I have learned how to insure important responsibilities, work under pressure, be in direct contact with customer, react fast, and make quick and sane decisions. Working from customer's premises, I supported one of ITS' major products; Phoenix, the core banking system, where all day-to-day banking transactions are processed. Working with ITS has reinforced many values, among which commitment, creativity, cooperation and productivity.
Dec 2005, Jul 2008 Senior System Engineer, Team Leader, MABCO, Damascus, Syria.
Participated in delivering a variety of projects, I worked on deploying the new information system of Points Of Sales and Service (POSS). After the project has been successfully launched in April 2007, efforts were paid to customize this Web application. Once the new system was largely stabilized and adapted to the company’s needs, a new project was initiated and baptized Vanman. It was meant to address overlooked issues in original POSS, particularly wholesales management. The initial version of the system was put to operation within less than three months, many changes has been made to this module later on, in accordance to users' feedback and continuously emerging requirements. Vanman -involving many technologies, such as mobile systems development, XML back-end, client-server model communication- was then one of the core business software that integrates with Mabco’s information system. Along the journey with Mabco many other minor projects have been initiated and successfully delivered.
Sep 2005, Oct 2005 Web Developer, Technolead, Damascus, Syria.
Working at the Department of Business and Information Technology Solutions (BITS), I built a web-based Content Management System, customizable in a way that complies with requirements of the variant customers. I also developed an integrated search engine. The job required keeping up to date with cutting edge web technologies of the time, to find efficient solutions for the ever growing Internet users’ needs.

Interests and Activities

Sports Swimming, running, cycling, skiing.
Cultural Painting and drawing.
Social Member of the Syrian Scouts Association.
Amnesty International member (France).
IEEE student member (Region 8).